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It’s National Clean Out Your Computer Day–will there be cake?

canstockphoto23783530 computer files 

Instead of talking about National Toothache day, which is an actual thing…let’s talk about the second Monday of every February–National Clean Out Your Computer Day.  According to, this unofficial holiday began in 2000 and was sponsored by the Institute for Business Technology.

A useful holiday, in contrast to some of the others I’ve written about, National Clean Out Your Computer Day is a day to set aside the time and give your trusty computer a little attention.

Unless we want to turn February 10th  into National Why Did I Delete those Files Yesterday Day, please remember to Back Up your files before doing anything with your computer today.

Now, to the purpose of the day.  Show your computer a little lovin’.  Clear out those old files you no longer need.  Delete duplicate files and get rid of programs you’re not using anymore.  Sure we’re all busy, but take a little time today to clean up and organize files and folders.

Happy Cleaning!

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