A Red Washcloth…source unknown

red-wash-cloth-canstockphoto21107440Last week, my daughter sustained a burn on her hand from sticking it in the wheel of our wagon.  See my last blog post, The Plastic Bag Trick.  This event led to a conversation on the subject of first aid with my friend, Jen.  My friend offered this little tip, although she couldn’t remember the source.  We both absolutely remember that it was neither one of us.  And Jen doesn’t have a blog, so it’s not like I’m poaching her content or anything like that.

The unknown, yet savvy source suggested adding a few red washcloths to your towel collection.  Then, the next time one of your children has an injury with a little blood, it will blend with the red cloth.  A white washcloth with red blood on it can be jarring for a young child, so in this case that image is no more.  This tactic can also be employed with squeamish husbands and wives or other loved ones.

I thought the red washcloth was a pretty smart idea.  I wonder if it was the same person whose idea it was to make the last few tissues in the Kleenex box beige so that you’d know you were running out–ingenious.

Now, I know this is stating the obvious, because my readers are a bunch of smarty smart folks.  But here I go anyway and I will italicize for effect.

***The red washcloth is not a first aid device.  This post is in no way, shape or form medical advice or a substitute for medical advice.  Please take your injured children to the doctor.  This is just a mommy tip.

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