The Plastic Bag Trick


The other day, in an effort to stop the movement of her wagon, my daughter Giuliana stuck her hand inside its wheel and ended up with a decent sized burn on her left hand.  My husband and I have done our best to keep the wound wrapped and protected as directed by our pediatrician.  In the meantime, my daughter has continued playing and mixing it up with her brother Charlie like a trooper.

Last night, at bath time, Giuliana began to resist getting into the tub.    When we asked “Why,” she said that she didn’t want to get her hand wet.

I understood, or at least, thought I did.  I thought that maybe the water hurt her wound and told her that I had a plan.  We headed to the kitchen where I took out a plastic bag and asked for my daughter’s hand.  Giuliana approved of my methods, and confidently offered me her hand….her uninjured hand.

At this point, feeling like she’s been through enough, I let her be the boss.  I wrapped my daughter’s good hand in the bag, tied a knot.  Victoriously, she turned and marched to the bathtub looking like a surgeon holding up two sterile hands.  She climbed into the water.  One bath, two dry hands.

Oh well.

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