That day, my word was more important than my wallet…

One day in early April, I was preparing for a conference where I would show my merchandise.  A totally new experience for me, I needed to assemble shelves and other items to display my cuddly treasures.  As with any of my weekday adventures, my children were in tow. 

Riding in the stroller like a pair of champs, I dragged my kids through store after store.  Overall, they were pretty patient as I wrapped it up in our final stop.  As we navigated the aisles, my daughter mentioned Peeps.  I felt an immediate sense of pride in my daughter.  It was the pride a parent feels when his or her children carry on a tradition, and I smiled immediately for my brainwashing success.  My children know what Peeps are!

I had not seen exactly what my daughter was talking about, so I asked the kind of basic questions that you would ask a toddler and arrived at the obvious conclusion that she wanted the box of Peeps.  It seemed like a no brainer.  “Of course you can have the Peeps,” I said.  “If you can show me where they are before we leave, I will get you the Peeps.”

 We continued on our way, gathering what I needed.  As I finished my shopping, I wanted to honor my word, and buy the Peeps that I had promised.   I pushed the stroller through the aisles, asking my daughter where she had seen them.  Eventually we arrived in an area with candy, and I saw the unexpected.  It was a giant box of Peeps with a rainbow assortment of the fluffy marshmallow chicks—six colors in total.  It was a sixteen dollar box of Peeps—I had no idea such a thing existed.  But, I decided that a promise was a promise.


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