Peep Week 2014–My Peeps Runneth Over

A few weeks ago, the day before Easter to be precise, I made the decision to postpone Peep Week.  Life was kicking up in full force and it was not possible to be in it and write about it at the same time.  It wasn’t a difficult decision.  I announced it on my blog, it was public, and it was done.  And I let it go… for less than 24 hours.  Because, as I did my  Easter grocery shopping, I realized that several stores had sold out of Peeps, and I had not stocked up for the Peep Week projects that I had yet to discover.  How was I going to try new  and exciting Peep recipes and have Peep Week without any Peeps?  What if I found a really great recipe that required 4 boxes of Peeps, and I only had three?

 I panicked.  At two separate stores, I bought about at least 4 packages of Peeps.  Looking back, it was a blur.  I took what was available, even buying a package of purple bunnies–just in case. 

 And on Easter, when there is usually an annual dispute at day’s end over who will take home the remainder of the candy, I announced that I would take all of the Peeps.  I was not thinking clearly.  I was acting like an irrational Peep version of a doomsday prepper.  In my head, my fear of “not enough” was looming large.  To help sustain my silly worry, the Peeps that I had accumulated ended up in three different spaces, so they didn’t look like very much.  It wasn’t until I took them out of the bags and put them in one place that I saw what I had done.

Peeps anyone?


 It must be said that despite what probably looks like an excessive obsession as I yammer on about the glory of Peeps, my average seasonal Peep consumption is about 6-8 Peeps total.  Feel free to do the math and tell me how long I’ll be up to my ears in Peeps.

On second thought, after gathering some pertinent data, it seems like I have more time than I thought…


Maybe I’ll volunteer to bring the Peeps next year!

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