The Time is Now…before your Peeps get Stale



A few weeks ago, I posted that I would be moving Peep Week into the future because life got a little in the way of blogging. At the time, it seemed simple. Postpone. Easy, right? It seemed so. I thought I would just put together a Peep Week that’s silliness equaled last year. I’d get started right after Easter. But a week became two weeks. I found myself realizing that if I didn’t get this train out of the station, it would be December and I would be talking about Easter treats. Easter treats that I am certain would be nice and stale after 8 months. And while I know there are factions of Peep Lovers who prefer a stale Peep, I imagine that even a hardcore Peep lover would bristle at a Peep induced dental bill.

All this to say that Peep Week will be next week!

Now, if you read between the lines, you will see that I am talking about much more than Peep Week and when it happens. What I’m really talking about is getting things started even though you may not feel fully prepared. It’s about the notion that sometimes you just have to start the journey—even though you don’t necessarily know its twists and turns or how it will end. Yes, calling Peep Week a journey is definitely a stretch—but isn’t a week’s posts about Peeps a little wacky too? Planning is important, but so is starting and getting into the thick of things.

So, here we go. See you next week!

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