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Sometimes, I drop the ball…



So, maybe you’re sitting there wondering what the heck happened to Peep Week 2014.  Maybe you’ve been going on with your busy life and you haven’t even noticed–even better.  Well, here’s what happened.  This week, the unexpected events of life arrived in a major way.  It’s getting better, but between work and family, I just couldn’t juggle everything.  Sadly, Peep Week 2014 was the casualty.

And now I’ll bet you’re left wondering if you will  have to wait an entire calendar year to experience the high level of excitement that is Peep Week. (Probably not, just play along with me here, okay?)

Well, I’m here to say, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Peep Week.”  Peep Week 2014 will happen over the course of the next week or so.

What can you expect?   You’ll get the same silly posts dedicated to the marshmallowy wonder of all that is Peep.  I know you would expect nothing less.  Stay tuned!

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But First, A Peep Week Disclaimer…


Well, Peep Week 2014 has sneaked up on me in a major way.  Truth be told, I wanted to use the word snuck, but my judgmental spell check did not approve.   Anyway, Peep Week is here, and it is time to get down to business and honor that marshmallow goodness.  But as I was compiling my peep related posts in my head, I began to wonder.  What’s with all the writing about Peeps and Oreos…it’s not like they’re the mainstay of my diet.

I began to consider that I have put myself out there as an Oreo lovin’ Peep Eater who is clumsy when she runs.  And if I were looking for a caricature of myself, it would be funny, but a part of me became super defensive and immediately ready to clarify.  So here’s my quick disclaimer, I’ll get it out and then I will let it go, or at least my goal will be to let it go…baby steps, right?

After a little more thought than I’d like to admit, I have decided that Peeps and Spring Oreos are symbolic for me.  They are like silly little moments in my life.  They are like those unexpected pockets of joy that make me smile and feel hopeful.  And while I would probably be more comfortable about the perception of me if I were writing about quinoa and kale, the reality is, I just don’t feel anything when I think of quinoa and kale.

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Now that I’ve got that out of the way Let Peep Week 2014 Begin!!!