Oh Nabisco, how did you know?

Nabisco Spring Oreos Image

I live in the northeastern US, where this winter, the snow is piled high along the roads and walkways.  A claustrophobic site, it lies over a foot deep and frozen on the ground at it’s lowest point.  By now, it’s not the clean fluffy snow that’s fun.  It’s the dirty gray snow that’s frozen and hard and looks like it’s been around the block a few times.  For me, it’s just kinda depressing.

So, in what has become a near weekly ritual, I was in the supermarket buying the mandatory bread and milk for the umpteenth storm we’ve endured this year.  It’s only February, and I have made chicken and dumplings soup about a half a dozen times so far.

As I gathered my groceries, I turned my cart into the cookie aisle.  When I scanned the shelves, I spotted a cheerful little site.  Nestled among the dozen or so varieties of Oreo cookies was The Spring Oreo.  Who knew there was such a thing?  From what I saw it was the same chocolate outside with a cheerful yellow center.  Probably “peep yellow” if I had to hazard a guess.  The package, designed with a bumblebee and fluttering butterfly, boasted “with yellow crème – same great taste!”

Well, this was a no-brainer.  I reflexively place the package into the top rack of my cart where my “special” items go, and I continued on my way.   As I traveled the supermarket aisles, I began to think about how someone at Nabisco had really done their homework.  How could they know that this product, this seasonal Oreo cookie might appeal to anyone?  Did they read the Farmer’s Almanac and know it was going to be a rough winter?  How did they know my needs, before I even knew them myself?

I marveled at the powers of the universe, chance or basic retail forecasting that put the silly package of cookies in my path that day.  That chipper little package with a bumblebee and a butterfly fluttering around on its cover  was exactly what I needed.  I couldn’t spot a patch of grass, or a flower, but I’d gotten the next best thing–a reminder that Spring will come.

It’s been a week since I brought home my happy little reminder.  I haven’t opened the package of cookies yet, but that’s not really the point here, is it?

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9 thoughts on “Oh Nabisco, how did you know?

  1. I am curious how they knew we were ready for these. I wonder if they waited for the Groundhog to let us know how many weeks of winter were left.

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