Wow, Karma, that was Quick!


Well, in my last blog post, I wrote about how I threw Santa under the bus when my son asked for a toy we did not have by telling him that Santa did not bring it.  I wish I had not blamed Santa, but I did.  Not my finest hour.

I am a person who generally doesn’t believe in Karma.  While I am mindful about what kind of energy I put out into the universe, I really try to let it go from there.  In my estimation, the universe is a pretty giant, random and disorganized place.  I find it a little much to expect that my actions are being tracked and that I will somehow be rewarded or punished for them.  It just seems like a little too much bookkeeping for the universe to do.

My last few days, however, have brought the question of whether I believe in Karma back up for debate.  Because if Karma does exist, she’s just laid a doozey at my doorstep.  In my quest to encourage my children to believe in Christmas and Santa, my husband and I forgot that we needed an exit strategy.  In our excitement, we did not consider the possibility that our children might not comprehend that Santa is an annual treat, not a nightly visitor.  This morning, days after Christmas, like every day since Christmas, my daughter continues her habit of joyously exclaiming that “Santa’s coming!”  It used to bring a smile to my face, now, the words stop me in my tracks.

What a Grinch I feel like when I get into the yucky task of explaining to a two year old that Santa is not returning for a loooong time.  Of course, I pepper it with details like how Santa had to go home and rest and that he lives very far away and he will return next Christmas.  But all my explaining does nothing to diminish the sadness that appears on her face…every time.

Now I’m not saying that Karma has presented me with another 350+ days of this, because I imagine this will be over before February.  But I am thinking that maybe I’m better safe than sorry and next time, I’ll mind my words about Santa…just in case.

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