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Well, as the title of my blog implies, I have an account on Pinterest.  It’s a very visual form of social media and image sharing which appeals to me.  I find Pinerest inspirational.  Since joining, I’ve gotten some great new ideas and served some tasty new recipes.  My Pinterest feed showcases a multitude of categories of images, including recipes, travel, architecture and more.

Of the many categories is Tattoos.  Now, I am not a person with a tattoo.  I think they are totally fine if you like them, but for me, they’re just not my thing.  I have given thought to what I would have tattooed if the urge struck me.   But in the end, I can hardly pick a salad dressing, let alone an image that will be indelibly applied to my body.

That being said, I still have an appreciation for the art involved in well done tattoos.  I am amazed by the detail, creativity and talent behind the images of tattoos that appear in my Pinterest feeds.  However, I have recently noticed a trend.  And here it is.

What’s with people taking and posting pictures of their brand new painfully swollen tattoos?

It feels like now, I can’t get through my feed without seeing a pin of someone’s recent tattoo surrounded by a halo of irritated pink puffy skin.  Ouch.

Maybe it is the Pinners that I am following.  Maybe it’s the time I log on to Pinterest.  I am even willing to accept that it’s me and that I notice this because it’s something about which I have an awareness.  You know, like when you buy a Honda then all you see on the road is Hondas because they are in your brain.  The number of Hondas on the road hasn’t gone up, rather the number you notice has.

Regardless, I find this behavior very confusing.

Is this some kind of badge of honor?  Because I’ve run a mile or two, and once I had a toe that unbeknownst to me bled through my sock and sneaker during a long run.  It was a mess, I ran for miles, and  only became aware of it when I noticed blood on my carpet.  Inwardly, I was super proud of myself, I called it my version of the Curt Schilling Bloody Sock.  And I felt like this made me hardcore, but I didn’t hop on my computer and post it on my Pinterest feed.  (And yes, I’m aware that it can be seen as bragging about my toe right here–but I am just trying to make a point.)

Anyway, I mean, it’s not like that moment you get out of the tattooing chair is the last time you’ll be near a working camera, is it?

All I am saying is to take a beat.  Wait a few weeks.  Let your skin heal and Pin away!  But that’s just me.

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