A Mother’s Legacy in the Eyes of a Two Year Old

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So, I understand that parenting is advertised as a job that is often thankless.  My kids are two, redundant if you’ve been reading along, but informative for my new friends.  (Happy little aside– No more qualifying their ages in months.  I say they are two, not 24 months, not 2 at the end of the month.  Two, period, end of sentence.)

And with two comes even more talking.  Most of the talking is cute and exciting, but some of it has definitely piqued my interest, and I wonder if I would be wise to be offended.

My mom spends a fair amount of time with my children, and apparently has made an impression on them that she is the owner of our vacuum.  I believe this, because my daughter will open the closet, point to it, say “vacuum” and then say my mother’s name.  Despite me staking my claim on the vacuum by saying that it is actually Mommy’s.  It still belongs to “Meem.”

I thought this was a cute association and entertained some friends with the story.  This little nugget reinforced that my little girl is how I see her, perceptive and bright–able to put things together.  It seemed win win, until recently, when my daughter’s latest declaration involved patting my favorite chair in the living room with her hand and saying “Mama.”  Never mind the cleaning, laundry, bathing, feeding and other things I do in broad daylight as a mother.  My mother goes with the vacuum.  And me, I go with the chair.

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14 thoughts on “A Mother’s Legacy in the Eyes of a Two Year Old

  1. Don’t you want to be the mom that sits in the chair, relaxing, maybe with them, reading to them, watching them from the chair, than the one who is cleaning? My children used to pat the chair and say, “sit the chair, mom” meaning that they wanted me to slow down and sit in the chair. They won’t remember you for doing the laundry, but they will remember the chair time. Mine still say, “Sit on the couch, mom.”

  2. Isn’t it amazing how they make these associations. When my children were young it was the couch that was associated with me. When my children turned 3 they tried to make sense of why grammy used things and did things different from me. It was an interesting series of conversations! By the way – chair trumps vacuum in a toddler’s world

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