Five Fluffy Bunnies

I live in a pretty hustling and bustling area of my state.  Most of my driving begins with hitting a patch of 3 lane highway where it seems like everyone has forgotten the rules.   I mean, there are rules right?

And, because I’m human, it’s not at all difficult for me to lose my patience when people are making wild moves in their cars as if they’re alone on the road.  I would never say I enjoyed this element of my life, but driving with kids who may repeat what I say ups the ante.  If I keep doing what I’m doing, I can expect the same frustration, so, I set out to find another way.

And that’s where the Five Fluffy Bunnies come in…only they’re not Five Fluffy Bunnies, they’re Five Major Idiots.  I’m just not cool enough to have a blog posting titled Five Major Idiots.

So, here it is.  Every time I leave the house, I tell myself that I will run into Five Major Idiots on the road.  It’s a given.  It’s guaranteed.  If I leave the house they will be out there, waiting for me.  Ready to provide me with a non-stop stream of being cut off and endangered with my tank of a minivan reduced to the road cred of a Miata.

As I run into each of the Five Major Idiots, I am not allowed to react to their shenanigans, no matter how offensive, until I meet idiot number six.  Let’s be clear here, it’s not like I agree with the bananas driving that I encounter.  It’s just that I am choosing to spend my energy moving on from it, rather than getting worked up over it.  I am controlling what I can.

Instead of spending my time in a perpetual state of %$&!—I pass the time by counting off the MIs (Major Idiots) and reminding myself I have not yet reached six.  Sometimes, I forget and have to bring myself back on course.

And just an FYI, my driving has not evolved into a Sesame Street toned counting exercise, it’s dicey sometimes, but about 75-80% of the time, I can keep my cool.  And lucky for me, most days, I do not reach six!

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