Well, actually Mommy likes a snitch…

Well, they say that no one likes a snitch.  But I’m here to say that sometimes a snitch can save you from a sippy cup full of milk on a bedroom carpet.

Today, one of my children came to me, carrying my fleece jacket and saying my other child’s name.  The jacket was covered in what looked like little freckles of milk.

I went into the bedroom to learn that the jacket was only a minor casualty and that at least a 3×3 area of the carpet was littered with little droplets of milk.  And my offending toddler was happily shaking away the upside down no spill, sippy cup making as much mess as it would provide.

Lucky for me, the cup was still half full.  So, I guess today, I’m a person who sees the sippy cup as half full.

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