Peeps Week Delayed Grand Finale

Well, Peeps Week was tremendous fun.  The following week was not so fun which is why the grand finale is appearing a full week after intended.  The final day of Peeps week ended with a bang in terms of a really bad stomach virus that put one of my kiddos out of commission for a full week.  Ugh, so hard to watch a little guy be so uncomfortable.

But, as promised, here is the last treat from Peeps Week, courtesy of Terri’s Peep Hut.  The recipe was simple, basically mashed sweet potatoes spread out in a baking pan.

Peeps and Sweet Potatoes Image

Peeps and Sweet Potatoes before baking

Peeps and Sweet Potatoes after baking

Peeps and Sweet Potatoes after baking

And here is how it looked after baking.  I have to say this was pretty tasty.  I look forward to next year already, sans the sick little one.

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