Marshmallow Peeps S’mores…mmmmm

Peeps S'mores Image

Peeps S’mores Image

Next, I thought I’d try an idea that I saw on Pinterest, the Peeps S’more.  All day, I looked forward to this little treat, a combination of some of my favorite concepts…s’mores and Peeps.  Does it get any better?

Not being in a campfire situation, I improvised and used kabob skewers and my stove top.  I have some ironic guilt about running a skewer through a defenseless Peep considering that I am fine biting them and popping them into my mouth.   But, all things considered, this splash of guilt did nothing to derail my mission.

Then there’s the dilemma of which end to toast.  Do I toast their heads, or heinies?  Turns out, toasting both ends was a good idea to get the most melted marshmallow and then the most melted chocolate.

My Peeps S’mores were pretty average looking compared to the image from Pinterest.  But their taste quickly made up for what they lacked in presentation.  They were like s’mores, but with that little extra something– maybe it’s that coating of sugar that takes it to the next level, it clearly doesn’t hurt.  Peep on!

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