Peeps and Hot Chocolate, Mmmmmmm.

Hot Chocolate with Peeps Image

Hot Chocolate with Peeps

So, as far as integrating Peeps into my diet on Peeps Week, I started simply.  And naively, I thought that Peeps in hot chocolate would be just like adding marshmallows.  Oh how little I know.

The Peeps added a little extra sweetness to my drink.  They  melted softer than marshmallows and had a slightly different taste.  I must admit that I felt a little guilty watching the little guys roll over and over in the hot liquid, but I did my best not to make eye contact.

As I savored my hot chocolate, I wondered to myself  (and now out loud) what took me so long???

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6 thoughts on “Peeps and Hot Chocolate, Mmmmmmm.

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  2. My mouth is watering!!!!! Unfortunately, I need a really cold day to feel the need for hot chocolate. I wonder how they\’d be in my morning java!!!!! If the Easter bunny delivers Peeps to my house, I\’ll try it and let you know.

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