Sisterhood of the Phone in the Toilet

This weekend, I found myself in a public ladies’ room, doing what one does in such a place, when I heard a splash.  And then immediately, in a southern drawl, a woman’s voice kept repeating “oh my… oh my…oh my.”   Not certain what the etiquette was in this particular situation, I kept my suspicions to myself, held my tongue and went about my business.

As I arrived at the sinks to wash my hands, I saw the woman, who was still saying “oh my…oh my” holding her phone under the hand dryer with her index finger and thumb like it was a combination of  precious and disgusting.  She was trying to undo the effects of the splash which, as I thought, was her phone falling into the toilet.

And then the poor woman began to justify her predicament.  As if we were all blaming her for having a phone in the bathroom.  “It was in my back pocket” and “I wasn’t talking on it” were among the things that she began to utter to no one in particular.  As if any other behavior meant she deserved to have a phone in the toilet, and not just a toilet, a public toilet.

I am pretty sure that throwing someone’s phone in a toilet as a consequence for their actions would be considered unconstitutional or cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, I can’t speak for the other women in the room.  And I know that women can be very critical of other women.  But, I for one, did not judge her one bit.

Although, I could not help but wonder, and never dared to ask, at which point on the timeline the splash occurred.

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6 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Phone in the Toilet

  1. You are a better person than I-I hate the bathroom phone talking, I would have judged. Well written I could totally picture this.

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