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Marshmallow Peeps S’mores…mmmmm

Peeps S'mores Image

Peeps S’mores Image

Next, I thought I’d try an idea that I saw on Pinterest, the Peeps S’more.  All day, I looked forward to this little treat, a combination of some of my favorite concepts…s’mores and Peeps.  Does it get any better?

Not being in a campfire situation, I improvised and used kabob skewers and my stove top.  I have some ironic guilt about running a skewer through a defenseless Peep considering that I am fine biting them and popping them into my mouth.   But, all things considered, this splash of guilt did nothing to derail my mission.

Then there’s the dilemma of which end to toast.  Do I toast their heads, or heinies?  Turns out, toasting both ends was a good idea to get the most melted marshmallow and then the most melted chocolate.

My Peeps S’mores were pretty average looking compared to the image from Pinterest.  But their taste quickly made up for what they lacked in presentation.  They were like s’mores, but with that little extra something– maybe it’s that coating of sugar that takes it to the next level, it clearly doesn’t hurt.  Peep on!

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Peeps and Hot Chocolate, Mmmmmmm.

Hot Chocolate with Peeps Image

Hot Chocolate with Peeps

So, as far as integrating Peeps into my diet on Peeps Week, I started simply.  And naively, I thought that Peeps in hot chocolate would be just like adding marshmallows.  Oh how little I know.

The Peeps added a little extra sweetness to my drink.  They  melted softer than marshmallows and had a slightly different taste.  I must admit that I felt a little guilty watching the little guys roll over and over in the hot liquid, but I did my best not to make eye contact.

As I savored my hot chocolate, I wondered to myself  (and now out loud) what took me so long???

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Peeps have Social Responsibility!


Peep Shirt Image

Inside We are All the Same

So, in addition to all of the positives that I have been lauding about the taste of Peeps, Peeps are socially responsible.  Here’s a shirt on the Peeps merchandise site that says “Inside we are all the same.”  What a great message.

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Discovering the world of Peeps

Peep Plush Image

Peep Plush

So, in the spirit of Peeps Week, my trusty Google and I began to do some research.  Bear in mind that I have seen Peeps plush before.  I’ve seen different items like chocolate covered Peeps, milk and dark and I have been bombarded by the rainbow of colors of these marshmallow beauties each Spring.  I thought I was a serious Peeps fan.

I was not prepared for what I discovered in my search.  Google led me to the official Peeps website, which had, as expected, recipes and all things Peeps.  Next, I found the mother of all Peeps sites, the Peeps merchandise site.  And this is where my head began to spin.

Did you know that you can buy Peeps nail files, scented markers, golf balls, tee shirts, Halloween costumes and earrings among other Peeps related merchandise?  Did you know that you can purchase Peeps in bulk???

My pulse raced from thinking about the possibilities.  I felt the same way at Disney World when I had to restrain myself from buying Mickey Mouse on everything.

I browsed for a while and settled on a few small things for my children’s Easter Baskets.  And then I found the limit to my madness.  I did not buy or even consider buying the 2 foot plush yellow Peep, retailing for over $100.  And it did not even occur to me to take a road trip for an hour and a half to a Peeps retail location (which I would totally go into if it were in our mall).

I guess I’m not as hardcore a Peeps fan as I could be, and I’m okay with that.

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Get ready for Peeps Week

Marshmallow Peeps Image

Marshmallow Peeps Image

The Discovery channel has Shark Week, so I think it’s only fitting that I have Peeps Week.  Next week, I will do daily posts dedicated to my favorite marshmallow cute, fluffy and tasty treats– Peeps.   And those of you who think I’ve gone a little off the reservation can just be thankful that I did not do Peeps month.  Get ready for a fun and silly week!

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For the Love of Peeps

Peep Car

Volkswagon Bug Peep Car

A friend posted this on Facebook, and it was a no brainer that it would end up in a post.  It may be a little early in the blog, but it forces me to reveal my longstanding love affair with Peeps.  (See my Pinterest board dedicated to my love of Peeps)

In terms of Peeps, I am a purist, I like original yellow Peeps.  I am not interested in the bunnies, the Christmas Peeps or Halloween Peeps…not that there’s anything wrong with them, they’re just not for me.  And I have tried the Peep in the microwave trick, it’s silly and kind of fun to watch.

I tend to like the end Peep, the one with sugar all the way around his side, without the bare strip of marshmallow that results from separating them.  I will certainly eat the middle Peeps, but it’s like sicilian pizza, –crust, no crust–people should be allowed their preferences.

So, I see this car posted on Facebook, and I just cannot resist.  Because it makes me giggle.  And I wonder to myself, if I drove this car, could I be anything but chipper?  How could I get out of the car and not skip to my destination?  Could I be crabby and annoyed on the road, when I am surrounded by sunshine yellow replica of my puffy marshmallow friend?  Some things I guess, I will never know.

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Cars and Trucks and Things that Go

Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go Image

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go


It must be said that this is one of the childhood books I remember most.  I can recall making a beeline for the card catalog and heading right for Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.  My older brother and I used to make a game out of who could spot the “Goldbug” first.  We would turn page after page, shouting and pointing at the “Goldbug.”

As soon as our little page ripping kiddos get a handle on their book vandalism, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go is coming to our home.  But for now, we have board books and a version of Eric Carle’s From Head to Toe that is about 3 pages long and doesn’t seem as thorough as Mr. Carle may have intended.

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Sisterhood of the Phone in the Toilet

This weekend, I found myself in a public ladies’ room, doing what one does in such a place, when I heard a splash.  And then immediately, in a southern drawl, a woman’s voice kept repeating “oh my… oh my…oh my.”   Not certain what the etiquette was in this particular situation, I kept my suspicions to myself, held my tongue and went about my business.

As I arrived at the sinks to wash my hands, I saw the woman, who was still saying “oh my…oh my” holding her phone under the hand dryer with her index finger and thumb like it was a combination of  precious and disgusting.  She was trying to undo the effects of the splash which, as I thought, was her phone falling into the toilet.

And then the poor woman began to justify her predicament.  As if we were all blaming her for having a phone in the bathroom.  “It was in my back pocket” and “I wasn’t talking on it” were among the things that she began to utter to no one in particular.  As if any other behavior meant she deserved to have a phone in the toilet, and not just a toilet, a public toilet.

I am pretty sure that throwing someone’s phone in a toilet as a consequence for their actions would be considered unconstitutional or cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, I can’t speak for the other women in the room.  And I know that women can be very critical of other women.  But, I for one, did not judge her one bit.

Although, I could not help but wonder, and never dared to ask, at which point on the timeline the splash occurred.

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