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Lucky Me

Since becoming a mom, I am pretty open about the fact that typically, my life is about as graceful as eating nachos in the dark. In the whirlwind that exists between a store, my children and their car seats, pandemonium often ensues.

My most recent burst of chaos resulted in my mother’s purse being left in a shopping cart. Ouch.
A fact not realized until there were miles between us and the store.

When I returned to the store, I was met with two empty shopping carts, sitting in the corral, exactly where we had left them. No purse in sight.

After a brief wait in a line for customer service and a quick description of the bag, it was in my possession again. Simple. A man had returned it. By this time, he was long gone and out of reach of my thank you’s, which, had we met, would have been many.

So here’s my challenge. I am daring myself to keep this event in the front of my mind, and remember that at times, I am very lucky. Not Vegas lucky, but I have my moments. However I want to look at it, the world, the universe…a complete stranger helped me, really helped me. And while I cannot thank him directly, maybe I can at least pay it forward in my head and be gracious for this particular luck for a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

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Brown Uggs debut

As promised,  the brown Uggs, right before I made my way outside today.   Bonus feature– my son wanted in on the photo, he’s wearing Stride Rite, and unlike his mother, he’s been wearing them since the day they were purchased.

Brown Uggs

As promised, me in the brown Uggs. Bonus feature–my son wanted in on the picture.

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The right time, when is the right time?

I know I am not alone when I say my time is limited.  My life is a balancing act which leaves me stretched thin and sleep deprived at times.  And as I contemplate when I will begin writing, I think of my brown Uggs.

Please don’t judge me about the Uggs if they are not your thing.  But really, they are like sweatpants for my feet.  And I don’t have to worry about socks.  What more could I ask for from footwear?

I have a brand new pair of chestnut brown Uggs.  A few years ago, I bought them on a whim.  We had a messy, snowy winter and I never took them out of their box.  The Uggs survived a flood and spent another entire year in their box, pristine and unworn.  Bear in mind, they are Uggs, not a garage kept classic car from the 60’s.

Now it’s their third winter, and these brown Uggs have become a thing with me.  As I sit here clicking away at my keyboard, I know that I need to put these ridiculous boots on and wear them.

They may become dirty or worn.  Boots are made to be worn, not exhibited in the Smithsonian.  And they are Uggs for Pete’s sake!  And for that matter blogs are to be written.

The right or perfect moment seldom arrives.  And one thing I know is that we make the time, it doesn’t present itself to us.  So here is my first blog entry, imperfect.  And I promise to wear those darn Uggs tomorrow.  Picture to follow.

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Fun. Dinosaurs Love Underpants

Maybe everyone knows the classics, and I just wasn’t paying attention when that conversation was happening. Perhaps I will find myself in the same position as the 85 year old North Dakota woman who reviewed a new restaurant in town called the Olive Garden.

So, let’s simply consider this a running collection of  fun, cute and amusing books that your child or a child you know might like.  Some may be obvious classics, but then I guess they are classics for a reason.



Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort (2008) ages 4 and up. I have read this to my 1 year olds. I wonder if this is the equivalent to taking a 10 year old child to an R rated movie…oops.


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